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Biographical Statement

Dr. Regina Valluzzi has always pursued art in tandem with her technical achievements in Nanotechnology and Biophysics. She is a trained scientist, with a BS in Materials Science from MIT and PhD in Polymer Science from University of Massachusetts Amherst. She has spent years as a researcher in the Chemical, Physical and Biological Sciences. Dr. Valluzzi’s scientific experience is evident in her approach to painting as both an art and a science. She has been able to conduct systematic experiments with artistic media.

For many years her Science has revolved around the topics of Polymers and Optical phenomena, and these twin fascinations are present in much of her art. Her paintings are very much about the properties of polymer-based paints and manipulation of those properties. Relief, texture, opacity, and surface finish are as integral to her work as form, composition, and subject (abstract). Many of her paintings involve juxtapositions of colors with very low contrast or rhythmic patterns of evolving color. Others play with metamerism, arising from spectral properties of pigments. In others, color is intensified through careful choice of layered and nearby hues and pigments.

Dr. Valluzzi has shown in several juried exhibitions, and her work is included in private collections in the US, UK, Canada, Japan, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Norway, Hong Kong, Taiwan, UAE, Germany, Bulgaria, and Malta.


There is more information, including downloadable lists of past exhibits, interviews, etc in my Press Area.    Some of it needs to be updated, but you’ll get a decent idea for how I get my art out there, and how it has been received.

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