I just finished going over the online proofs of my images and text for Diagram magazine.  Sorry – not allowed to share the proofs page (you’ll just have to wait).  I enjoy popping in to the Diagram online presence.  It’s … Read More

I’m not a neuroscientist … (Neural Network)

I’m not a neuroscientist, but I’ve always been fascinated by things like expert systems, heuristics, and emergent properties in complex systems.  Occasionally I’ll paint something with a clear neuro theme because it’s the clearest and most concise approach to my … Read More

Retroreflection, baby!

A number of my recent acrylic paintings incorporate lenses and other optics.  These optics allow the painting to transition from depicting light and color to actually focusing, casting, and directly manipulating the ambient light in the room. (Purchasing information is … Read More

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