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Coalescing Lines and Color in Boston’s South End

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One of Boston’s best Bed and Breakfasts is also one of its newest Art Galleries.  14 Union Park bed and breakfast in Boston’s South End will be hosting rotating 3 month exhibits.  Each exhibit will feature work by a small group of local artists, with artists grouped in the guest rooms and public locations of the building.  Among the work in the exhibit beginning in May are several drawings by Dr. Regina Valluzzi, a science focused artist.  There will be an open house and reception on the afternoon of May 4, 12 PM – 2 PM.  the Open House is a great  opportunity to meet the artists. See the 14 Union Park website for more information, or contact Audrey Burkhart  ( audrey “at” 14unionpark “dot” com)

14 Union Park Bed + Breakfast; 14 Union Park; Boston, MA 02118

 T. 281-636-1492; F. 617-419-1045

Intracellular Diversion, Archimedes Chiral, Detail area from Archimedes Chiral

Dr. Valluzzi will be presenting 5 ink drawings, each of which re-imagines a set of scientific concepts.  A preview is available online at the 14 Union Park website. D-branes is a playful interpretation of an idea from String Theory, while Cellular Generation and Intracellular Diversion emphasize the purely physicochemical prebiotic elements Biology.  Archimedes Chiral is a visual and verbal pun on a mathematical object and on broken symmetry.  The smallest of the drawings “Details of a Device for the Manufacture of Dreams” is an abstracted, almost surreal, comment on our information society.  In all of Valluzzi’s drawings line and drawn geometries meld smoothly into patterned shading.  Colored areas and shapes softly echo the explicit black lines.  The overall effect is somewhat three dimensional, but with the oddly “swimming” sensation of looking at a layered object through a high powered microscope.

The B&B gallery at 14 Union Park was conceived as a way to showcase local artistic talent to the Bed and breakfast’s visitors, who arrive from everywhere in the world.  Boston’s revitalized South End  area is host to an active and growing arts district, with a number of artist’s studios, contemporary art galleries, events, and other activities.

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