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End of Season Studio sale

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Hi Folks,

Prices dropping on older work, especially abstract series

I have dropped prices on many older items, and items that don’t fit into my brick and mortar gallery relationships. I’m putting these in as price changes and not “on sale” prices, so your coupons should work on these items.


It’s just me tracking everything down, not a big Corporate team, so ….

If you see anything that seems anomalously high priced, please use the contact form below (or one of the many spread around the site) and let me know.  Provenance and exhibition history play roles in how older work is discounted, but I also may have missed one somewhere on site.

Bigness, shipping and pricing

The prices on VERY Large pieces reflect packing, handling and shipping realities.  I am trying to post “all inclusive” pricing, because I personally hate finding something affordable and then seeing that shipping and handling costs are almost as much or more than the original item.  If You can pick a very big piece up in Waltham (or even in Boston if it fits on an MBTA train) I can offer a SIGNIFICANT discount.  Sometimes $1000+, depending on the bigness of the piece.  If this applies to you, please contact me to get a local quote and coordinate.  Please use the contact form below.



I do not harvest emails from contact forms.  I use them to protect my own email from spammers scraping the internet.