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Idea Cycles online exhibit

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Online VR exhibit of  “Idea Cycles” series of abstract drawings.  If the exhibit is slow loading, follow the link below for the Exhibbit.com hosted version.

Exhibbit hosted version of Idea Cycles (takes you off The Nerdly Painter)

The exhibit has been refurbished with new works and better images and will re-open Oct 3, 2018.

Prints are also available for these works, through FineArtAmerica



The matting and framing in the digital exhibit is a suggestion, but I can help you find similar framing if you like it – just ask!

See the Idea Cycles Exhibit (hosted at exhibbit.com)

Link will take you off the Nerdly Painter and over to the exhibit gallery page



The exhibit includes 12 of the pieces from Idea Cycles.  Works not included can be found in my Shop (purchasing, originals)  my POD (purchasing, prints)

In the Exhibit

Spanning the Void      Intersecting Orbits       Action at a Distance      Simplicity is Overrated

Entropy vs Enthalpy       An Uncertain Progression         Pathways Through the Multiverse       Precision vs Accuracy

Orbital Mechanics      Synchronicity      Whispers of Coherence in the Inchoate Void    Scattering Events