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May Newsletter is Out, updates to the blog

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The May Newsletter is out.  Some of the information in the Newsletter is redundant with the blog posts, but it can be handy to have things like upcoming exhibits all in one place.   Click here to go to the archived Newsletter.  There’s a newsletter signup in the blog header area, or just click here (http://eepurl.com/daiLQ)


I have been working diligently to overcome my blog organization procrastination tendencies.  The menu sections have been updated and I’ve been working on linkage.  You’ll notice that there’s now a downloaded pricing and availability pdf on my “About” page, a downloadable CV and some other lists and docs.  There are also links to press releases, press and other mentions, publications and cover art in the “Press” section of the menu.

The individual artwork pages (posts) are a bit more fleshed out, with internal and external links to help you navigate and to get you pointed towards other interesting things and technical background information.  There are pages for current art series that have been beefed up a bit with better descriptions of the series’ rationales and links to the individual pieces + navigation and external links.  “Fluid Dynamics”, “Tree of Life”, “Reinvented landscapes”, the color and ink drawings pages and most of the science art sections have been updated with images and better links.


Still to come (on my todo list):  a portal of external links for art and technical resources, a list of good art opportunity lists online, a bit on my own collecting and favorites by other artists, my own favorite living practicing artists and influencers living and dead, other things that I’m forgetting.