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New Miniatures – Giftable Art for the Office and home

I have been working on some new mini canvases and other smaller pieces, focusing on things that would be a good fit for all of the office parties and holiday gift giving.  The price is right – under $50 with many pieces in the $15 – $30 range.  The size is right too.  Little bits and pops of original art can provide a unique token of esteem and brighten someone’s space and day without taking over their personal space the way a larger original might.  Since they’re so small, they can ship for free to pretty much anywhere.

Watch this space for new miniature work as I post and photo it.  Also please see the links to the ACEOs I have  left at the bottom of the page (2.5 x 3.5 inch drawings).  I will be posting new ACEOs, tiny canvases and miniatures up to 5 x 7″ and up to $50 on this page.   You can also find them in the categories “ACEO sized Miniatures” and “Work under $50” in my Square Marketplace shop along with affordable print options (these can take a week or two to make so order prints early).

Right now I have some small canvases – 2 x 3 inches – to share.  These are very detailed little handpainted original works of art, a lot to look at in a space the size of a business card.  They are  $25 each.

First Row  (from left to right)

Yellow Cheer    SOLD                Flowering Hillside  SOLD              Lone Tree at Dusk  SOLD

Second Row

Along the Ridge   SOLD         Red Rosy            Rocky Shore  SOLD