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New shipping info and new drawings

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Hi!  I have some new drawings coming very soon – here’s a preview.  I also have updated and more comprehensive shipping policies to help out my International fans!

Shipping and other policies

I’ve been digging in to shipping – prices, sizes, regions, carriers – the works!  I think I’ve come up with a very fair and rational way to handle shipping.  Many of my smaller pieces will still ship free within the USA, and also some to Canada, Europe and around the World.  I’ve set up zones for everywhere i usually ship, and I’ve priced shipping to share the costs for many pieces.  My shipping tables have been set-up to offer you a very reasonable shipping deal wherever I can do that.

Most oversized pieces will ship around the world for under $200 – wherever USPS Priority mail serves.  Many non-oversized items will ship for much less.  I’ve listed out where “oversized” starts for a number of countries on my Store Policies page.  If you’re location is not listed, just drop me a note and I’ll look into what shipping services are available.

There is also information about payment types, Installment plans, etc. – check it out!


Having figured out shipping means that I can adjust my prices so that they no longer include an anticipated “worst case” shipping costs scenario.  You should see these adjustments reflected across the shop.  I think you’ll be pleased, and may find that some pieces you’ve been wanting are now within budget.


New Drawings

I have been busy working on a bunch of new ink drawings, large, medium sized and small.  I will be posting them to the Shop and into my Portfolio over the next few days.  These new drawings explore some of the Same visual ideas as Paths Through The Multiverse and Synchronicity.  This batch should be photographed, scanned and posted by the end of next week, one or two per day.  7×10 and 8×10 drawings will be priced at $200 – $300 depending on size, media and complexity.  4×6 inch drawings will range from $80-$100 based on complexity and media.

There’s a preview in the gallery below:



I’ll get to work and start posting these.  Happy Spring!