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Out of Balance

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Out of Balance

24 w x 42 h inches on 1.5 inch stretcher bars
mixed media on canvas:  oil over acrylic with glass and metal foil details
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Out of balance

Part of the “Complexity and Networks” series. Out of Balance uses a broken tree of life motif to portray an existence that is deeply out of whack and off kilter. The “tree”, while broken and lost in places, still persists and defines the painting, alluding to the resilience of complex, networked “ecological” existence.

Inspired by Koyanisqaatsi (the music and film) and its sequels


Creation/ Technique: A background was painted using acrylic.  Then raised textures were applied using acrylic gel media in a pastry bag.  Some glass elements were added and pressed into the raised gel textures so that they would adhere.  This leaves a shiny high refractive index glass surface exposed.   When the acrylic background and texture were fully dry, additional detail was applied using oil paint.  Small pieces of metal foil were glued on at the last step.  The metal foil areas were overpainted with clear oil-based media to improve their longevity.

Exhibited at:

Insight and Allusion in Brighton, MA

Driven to Abstraction 2 in Newburyport, MA

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