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Archival art marker and pigmented ultrafine line felt tip pen on acid free pressed paper.  11 x 14 inches.  This drawing will last many years if protected from UV radiation.


Artist Notes

Ink on paper (hand drawn, no computer). Archival Prismacolor art markers and sakura pigma micron felt tip ultrafine pens on acid free RENDR coated paper

An artists playful depiction of several attractors . In non-linear physics and mathematics, the various states of a system are sometimes mapped out with paths plotted for how the state of the system can change in parameter space. While the mathematics of non-linear systems can be very hard to understand, these mapping often reveal patterns. One possible pattern is a group of set points for the system, where it is stable. Sometimes all of the paths along which the system can evolve lead to a small number of stable setpoints that seemingly pull in or attract all possible trajectories for the evolution of the system.

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