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acrylic on panel with extruded media, 12 x 12 inches

Grandmothers garden


Grandmother’s Garden is an experiment in acrylic extrusion. The only part of the painting that is actually painted in the traditional sense is the white background laid in over the sealer and primer on the hardwood panel. Everything else in the painting was built up from tinted transparent and translucent ribbons. The ribbons were created by extruding paint diluted with thick gel medium through different shaped nozzles in a pastry bag. The gel medium dries to a high clarity and retains the shape that it was initially extruded into. The highly curved extruded clear shapes have light guiding and lensing effects. The layers of extruded ribbons catch and move the light in unusual ways and seem to subtly glow at certain angles.

The overall impression from the painting is a vibrant active garden of blue flowers, which are all made up of shaped strands dissolving into mad tangles and piles of threads.  My own grandmother was both an avid gardener and adept at sewing and crochet.  This reminds me of her.



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