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acrylic on panel, 12 x 12 inches.




“Coriolis 3” refers to the Coriolis effect and its role in wind patterns and storm formation.  It is one of several spiral-patterned paintings in my Fluid Dynamics series.  Color diffused and swirled into wet liquid media creates complex patterns that resemble fluid instabilities or smoke patterns.  As the liquid and gel media dry they develop a glass-like clarity and transparency.

The painting was built up in layers.  An energetic pattern of short brushstrokes in the background created the variegated reds that peek through the upper layers of paint.  A three dimensional structure for the spiral was created by extruding acrylic paint and heavy gel medium through a pastry bag.  Different cake decorating nozzles created different three dimensional line widths, shapes and patterns.  The balance of paint versus medium controlled the opacity versus transparency of the 3-D structures.

Once dry, the raised lines of the three dimensional spiral pattern provided flow barriers.  This helped control the location and movement of more fluid paint and media that were added in subsequent layers.  A combination of raked textured acrylic gel medium and specialized pouring techniques were used to finish the painting.


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12 x 12 inch acrylic and extrusion painting