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Acrylic and mixed media on canvas.     30 w x 24 h inches on 1.5 inch stretchers with painted sides.


“Ebb and Flow” is one of a series of painting focusing on Ecological Order in a variety of contexts. How do we depict, imagine and understand complexity? What are the strengths of a networked system – and how does the network respond or unravel? “Ebb and Flow” specifically approaches the ever moving, constantly changing water as a sort of regulator for life on earth. Bands of moisture and movement, their interaction and exchange are all alluded to in the swirling patterns of transparent media and paint.

What fascinates me about acrylic paint and media is the range of transparencies, viscosities, and elasticities available in the different types of gels and glazes. The range of media behaviors allows a plastic and fluid exploration of flow, mixing, transport, and coalescence within the paint film itself.

Lenses from retired and surplus scientific optics are upcycled and incorporated into the paint film.  There are no spectacular retroreflection effects in Ebb and Flow, but softer and more subtle effects from the lenses are apparent, as they magnify parts of the canvas and cast light from the room into the painting.


Ebb and Flow original painting

Ebb and Flow, giclee print on canvas