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acrylic on canvas, 16 x 20 inches

electronics for cats original painting with extruded acrylic
Electronics for Cats, acrylic on canvas with extruded details, 16 x 20 inches; “



Electronics for Cats is in much the same style as Divertissment.  The extruded acrylic is denser.  Darker areas were added using soft gel and less white.  These were applied with a small brush.    If cats engineered electronics, I think they’d create something that would bemuse the ants and mice.  Or perhaps one could envision an engineering project post-feline-interaction.

The title is a bit of an homage to one of the Wallace and Gromit short animated films, “A Grand Day Out“.  Wallace, and inventor, and his dog Gromit decide to spend a cheese-eating holiday on the moon.  While they’re building their rocket, Gromit can be seen reading a book “Electronics for Dogs”.  Cats are so much more visual and unpredictable.



Original acrylic extrusion painting

Electronics for Cats original painting

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