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Acrylic on Panel.   16″ h x 20 ” w

elements of harmony


Large geometric shapes painted using a hard-edge masking technique are loosely connected by much smaller free hand painted geometries.  This hierarchical patterned rhythmic arrangement resembles the hierarchies of musical harmony.  Chords and counterpoint have a note by note, beat by beat order, but harmonies also progress through phrases, and harmony and key define larger sections of music as well.

The parallels and differences between music, organized temporally, and spatially organized art have always fascinated me.  In one case, motifs and patterns bear repetition and evolve smoothly, so that they linger in the hearer’s memory and help the mind sort and comprehend the music.  In the other movement is created by loosely guiding the eye, and pattern and repetition can prolong and enhance the viewing experience.

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Elements of harmony original 16 x 20 acrylic painting

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Elements of harmony