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          Oil and alkyd on canvas, 36h x 42w inches



Oil and alkyd on canvas, 36h x 42w inches

Horn Solo features textures carved into a layer of impasto and patterns of colored geometric objects. The textures and painted geometries are used to create musical rhythms, weaving across the canvas. The color scheme and the improvisational geometric patterns remind me of the sonorities and free flowing patterns of a horn solo in jazz.

There is a well-known optical illusion where areas of identical color appear quite different depending on their background. This illusion is also in play within the crisscrossing patterns and backgrounds of horn solo.  In the original oil painting the illusion is subtle.  It creates a liveliness to the piece, enhancing the feeling of patterns and rhythms in motion.

The illusion of color change is in some ways similar to the musical idea of a suspended note that becomes consonant or dissonant depending on the harmony underneath it. In many ways “Horn Solo” is like a jazz improvisation in abstract geometric color.


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Original oil painting, 36 x 42 inches











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