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Lost Papers (and Urban Plans)  Oil on canvas, 36h x 24 w inches.


A colorful, extremely bright abstract oil painting (brighter than the camera can capture). Color washes were followed by a drawing of the linear pattern. The dark lines were emphasized with saturated dark colored impasto using Lukas Medium No 5, which dries to a semi-matte tarry texture. Weber Resingel, a super shiny impasto medium was used to add the jewel toned geometric details.

The subject is the “Lost Paper Monster” that seems to gobble up Boston’s best laid plans. A humorous nod to the vibrancy of urban life, in the middle of clashing cultures, and teetering on the edge of chaos.




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24 in w x 36 in h oil painting

Lost papers (and Urban Plans) 36 h x 24 w inches, oil and alkyd on stretched canvas, framed and ready to hang



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