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Oil on canvas with alkyd impasto, 20 x 24  inches,  Original is AVAILABLE, please use the contact form below to inquire


percolation on a lattice


I’ve spent a lot of time illustrating technical concepts for publication. In these illustrations there is always a compromise between simply and accurately illustrating a difficult concept and the creation of a striking and beautiful image. For technical illustration accurate concept and simplicity take priority.There are, however, the illustrations of my dreams. In one sense there are the dreamlike qualities of the abstract images I paint. In another sense there are images that would only pass muster as technical illustrations in the lands of my wildest dreams.  Percolation on a Lattice is an illustration of my dreams. Percolation in physics describes the point at which a bunch of clustered objects grow completely interconnected and inter-related. It’s an important concept in colloids and biophysics, but it pops up everywhere. This is how I dream of portraying that concept.





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