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Ultrafine line pigmented ink felt tip pen on acid free pressed “RendR” paper, 10″w x 8″ high. The original has been sold.



Sakura Pigma “micron” ultrafine line felt tip pen with pigment-based archival ink on “artboard” a rigid archival acid-free paper impregnated with polymer. 8 × 10 inch original.
A creative artist’s rendition of polymer crystallization from the melt or concentrated solution. The triangles are crystal growth modifiers. Chemical recognition helps them “stick” selectively to certain sides (faces) of the growing chain folded polymer crystallites. This works best if the small molecule modifiers do not themselves for huge honkin’ crystals (technical term!) via epitaxial growth. I tried to include some new chain folded polymer nuclei forming epitaxially on the original crystallites, hinting at the structure of polymer spherulites and other polycrystalline microstructures. I also included some waxy/oily plasticizers.

Since this is meant as Science-informed art and not as a technical diagram, scientific information considerations were balances against the aesthetics of a good drawing. For example, nature abhors a vacuum. Nature and her entropic henchmen (hench-functions?) also avoid any strong or sharp density fluctuations. In a really good technical diagram, a much more uniform density of line would help portray a low-moderate variation in density. However a page full of end to end equally spaced squiggly lines would make a pretty boring drawing.




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