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Acrylic on canvas 20 x 16 inches , signed on reverse  Original SOLD


Complex streamers of different fluids start to organize, while vaguely cellular structures bubble up from the broth.  An artists imagination of the Primordial soup and prebiotic proto life emerging.


The construction of Primordial takes advantage of some of the unique range of viscoelastic properties offered by acrylic gel painting media.

Golden’s Clear Tar gel dries to a transparent glassy finish, but it has some elasticity in flow.  The fluid recoils and will form wavy instabilities if it is unevenly mixed, or poured at an inconsistent rate.  I used this property to create complex ribbons of color encased in clear acrylic.  The Polymer medium also dries transparent and glossy, but it is more fluid and has very little elasticity.  This property is useful for creating swirls and ultrathin smoke-like veils of color in the medium.  A fairly liquid paint will disperse in the Polymer medium but will generally stay put if dried flat within the clear tar gel.

Golden’s High solids gel is very good for extrusion through a pastry bag.  I’ve tried both the heavy gel and the high solids gel.  Both are similar in terms of holding the fine textures from a pastry nozzle (heavy gel is just a tad better).  Both dry clear.  The high solids gel textures merge together a little more as they dry (a solvent sintering effect?  because it’s in there if you look at acrylic formulations).  The heavy gel dries to a harder less tacky finish.  But the kicker for me is the elasticity of the heavy gel, which is very high.  The high solids gel is much less elastic, although they are similarly “thick” feeling in the can.  That elasticity is a big factor when trying to extrude using these gels.  The high solids gel is easier to push through the bag and behaves more predictably.  In contrast the heavy gel will recoil when the bag is lifted and shapes are harder to control.  It also undergoes stress-induced fiber formation when pressed through the small nozzles, which can be a problem.


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