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Mixed media on linen.12 x 16  Oil, alkyd impasto, and metal foil details over acrylic  Sold Original


Transduction is meant to suggest the molecular complexity of biosensing, and the transformation or transduction of a biochemical event into an signal that can be read by electronics, then further transduced into a processed electrical signal.The biosensor nanotechnologies that I’ve personally imaged using electron microscopy have been neat and orderly arrays of particles or features. However those images don’t zoom in close enough to see the molecular soup – no scanning electron microscope has that resolution (and there are other technical barriers having to do with radiation dosages as well). So in a sense, the painting is wildly inaccurate, mixing the macroscale, nanoscale, and picoscale, and including color outside the scale regime where color is possible. In a different sense it captures the essence of these complex and somewhat mysterious processes far better than my SEM images ever could.


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