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Optics Experiment original mixed media


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8 x 10 inches, acrylic and mixed media on canvas panel epoxied to cradled hardwood panel. Roughly 2 inches deep with the three dimensional elements. Sold unframed. “Optics Experiment” is a mixed media hybrid work, part painting, part sculpture, and part optical amusement. The piece is built up using epoxied lenses partially embedded in the paint film, stabilized with acrylic extruded ribbons. The lenses and optics are combined in imprecise, sometimes surprising ways. They create different interactive visual effects as the viewer peers into the piece from different angles or as the painting’s environment changes. Please allow 5 business days for this “special care” original to ship, in order to ensure proper packaging and handling. For questions or to arrange a pickup or viewing time (Boston area only), please contact me by email at: rv@nerdlypainter.com.