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Recognition, gratitude – May 2012

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A bit of news and a bit of thanks here in short palatable paragraphs.

Diagram issue 12.2 is out online, and features 3 images of my work:  Origins of Species, Bingham Fluid, and Tadpole Diagrams at Play.  Woo hoo!  (My page is here)

Another drawing “Queen of the Afternoon” has been accepted into Black Fox Literary magazine.  More info as that develops.

I’ve gotten a few mentions for this blog lately, and they’ve really helped people find me and my work.  A bit of thanks are in order.

The MIT Department of Materials Science and Engineering has featured my show and link on the DMSE news page,  which is run by DMSE communications director, Rachel Kemper.

Two other blogs have mentioned my work.  Backreaction is by a Physics couple (sounds familiar) Sabine Hossenfelder and Stefan Scherer, while Digits in motion is the personal blog  of Adam Adamou and is heavily focused on Economics.

On Linked In, we’ve just formed a new group for Science folks with an interest in the Visual arts (artists welcome too):  Linked In group