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Payments and Payment  Plans

Paypal offers six months of credit for those who apply and qualify.

I can also offer flexible installment plans to pay smaller amounts over longer times – inquire or contact me using the form at the bottom of the page if interested. 

I accept PayPal, credit cards (through PayPal’s secure gateway), and bank wire transfers.  If you’ve purchased from me before I can also accept checks.



I have been trying to find the best balance between Artwork pricing and shipping costs.

Many of my pieces ship Free to the USA and to other locations.

I have a shipping table by country with approximate cost ranges.


Shipping regions and oversize limits

Priority mail ships up to 24×36 inch painting (affordable or free for you). 

Larger is oversized to these countries and requires FedEx (expensive – several hundred US $$).

Belgium,  Canada,  Denmark,  France,  Germany,  Italy,  Japan,  Luxemborg,  Netherlands,  Spain*,  Sweden,  Switzerland,  United Kingdom


Priority mail ships up to 24×36 inch painting. 

Larger items require a specialty shipper, please use the contact form below to inquire and get a quote (very expensive – usually over $700).

Andorra,  Austria,  Czech Republic,  Finland,   Ireland,  Lichtenstein,  Malta,  New Zealand,   Norway,                Poland,   Portugal,  San Marino,  Slovakia,   Vatican City


Priority mail ships up to 18×24 inches (affordable or free for you). 

Larger is oversized to these countries and requires FedEx (expensive).

Australia,    China*,   Columbia*,    Hong Kong,     India*,     Isreal,  Mexico,  Taiwan,   Thailand,  United Arab Emirates


Priority Mail up to 18×24 inches. 

Larger items require a specialty shipper, please use the contact form below to inquire and get a quote (very expensive – usually over $700).

Albania*,   Algeria*,    Angola,   Anguila,   Argentina,    Armenia,   Brazil,    Bulgaria,    Chile,   Costa Rica*,                Croatia,   Cyprus,    Egypt,     Estonia,    Greenland,    Iceland,    Lithuania,     Morocco,    Peru,    Qatar,               Romania,   Russia,  S. Korea,    Saudi Arabia*,    Serbia*,   Singapore,   Slovenia,    South Africa*,   Turkey,    Ukraine


My heaviest NON-oversized paintings ship Priority Mail for less than $200 to most regions.

If your region is not listed, please inquire.  I may be able to ship to you (just haven’t done the research yet)

* Not all areas in the region are covered.  This usually applies to more remote areas and to islands.  Inquire if you’re not sure about shipping coverage to your location

In most instances I try to absorb some of the shipping costs to keep my work affordable. It is usually worth it to help defray shipping costs in order to develop collectors all over the world!

I cannot always cover all of the shipping costs, the size, weight, location to ship and price of the work are all factors.  Buying work direct from my website will usually provide the best  value in terms of total costs (artwork + shipping)

I offer some of my pieces on a small number of select websites like Artfinder and Saatchi.  Saatchi’s online prices are artwork + shipping.  Artfinder’s prices are for the artwork alone, but you can see the shipping costs.  The base price for the artwork should be the same on this site and on other sites (if you see a discrepancy, please let me know!).  In general this site will offer the best value for Art + shipping.  Sometimes one of the sites will run a special or offer a coupon – if you see a special promotion and it’s a better deal for you, I suggest you use that site to purchase.

Figuring out shipping costs is complicated!  Different regions have different size limits, and because paintings are big and flat, they are often oversized for different shipper and region combinations.  I use USPS and Priority Mail whenever possible.  Fed Ex will ship larger sizes to some regions (at a much higher cost).  I can also get quotes from a specialty shipper for large items and for regions not well served by Fed Ex.

If you don’t see shipping to your region, please contact me.  I can also help find the most cost-effective shipping method – contact me and we’ll figure out workable options.  Sometimes paintings can be rolled, items can be shipped together in a larger box, or if you and a bunch of friends and family want to combine shipping that’s also an option.


Returns and exchanges

Original Art:  My original Art ships insured.  Please let me know as soon as possible if it arrives damaged, so I can process the insurance and set up a refund.  I can also repair some types of damage if that’s your preference (we’ll still need to file an insurance claim). 

If the work arrives and you change your mind, I can refund the purchase price of original art or offer an exchange if notified within 4 weeks (just let me know if you need more time).  The customer pays all shipping costs for returned or exchanged work.

Canvas giclees: canvas giclees are printed at a third party printer and drop shipped in the USA.  I can work with you to get a refund for damaged items.

These giclees are printed from larger higher resolution versions of the images on your screen.  What you see is what you get, and I cannot cover returns on giclees for a “change of mind”.  If you are uncertain about what giclees you want, please look into Turning Art’s print rental services – most of my giclee prints are also available through them as Netflix style print rentals.  I also offer giclees and a variety of print formats through a Print on Demand, which offers a larger selection of sizes, finishes etc and a generous return policy.   Email me for a free trial.

Pricing: I try to keep my work affordable.  “Affordable” means a fair value for the quality of work and the size of the pieces, as well as the time that is required to make unique and original works of art.  These are the prices I need to get to be able to stay in business and keep making Art.

In short, if you’ve looked through a lot of very cheap art and none of it appealed to you, but mine does – there’s a reason for that.  You have great taste!  That appeal cost a lot of time, materials, experimentation and work.  Those factors and costs are part of the value my work offers.