An Interview with Artist Marlene Burns

Why interview artists?  and why Marlene Burns? There are many artists who enjoy working with abstraction, and for a variety of reasons.  It’s difficult not to note how many of the very famous abstract artists, the household names,  started as … Read More

More progress … in tulle?

In an earlier post I’d shown some of the first stages of two new paintings.  One was on tropocollagen, the other on the quantum mechanics of hydrogen.  I have some more progress on the “hydrogen” painting and a new start … Read More

Sharing cats with the Neutrino guy (Physics Art)

My background is broadly in Materials Science, but the subjects of my drawings and paintings range all over the Physical, Biomedical, and even Social Sciences with a little Engineering for good measure.  Perhaps I should explain.  A lot of my … Read More

I’m not a neuroscientist … (Neural Network)

I’m not a neuroscientist, but I’ve always been fascinated by things like expert systems, heuristics, and emergent properties in complex systems.  Occasionally I’ll paint something with a clear neuro theme because it’s the clearest and most concise approach to my … Read More

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