A few views of landscape painting

I’ve recently completed a few more “traditional” landscape paintings.  They’re actually somewhere between Post-impressionism and Expressionism in overall style and look, with textural and media twists that are signatures of my own unique style.  My creative process includes a lot … Read More


Previous painting        Up to Music and Machinery       Next Painting Dissonance acrylic on canvas, 20 x 16 inches Contact me for information  rv@nerdlypainter.com   781-643-1368 Purchase a giclee print of Dissonance        Go to the downloads page for a complete originals … Read More

Portsmouth NH exhibit opens tonight (Friday, Feb 1, 2013)

Un-themed and Varied The Winter show at the Gallery at 100 Market Street Reception Feb 1 2013, 5-7 PM at 100 Market Street, Portsmouth NH To see works like this in my online shop, look here. This season’s exhibit at … Read More

Better Marketing Advice

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Recommended:  Small Business + Small Marketing = Really Big Losses an article by Danny Iny Most of the advice I’ve seen on marketing for artists has been the “market plumbing” and narrowly tactical variety.  (The link goes to an excellent … Read More

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