Interview in Seymour Magazine

I was recently interviewed by Will Kitson from Seymour magazine.  Seymour Magazine is published by Seymour Projects, a Paris based Organization dedicated to creativity and self-expression.  They have a special focus on Technology and how people connect and disconnect from … Read More

Aesthetic Experiments – Atrium

Aesthetic Experiments  –   The Atrium Tour the Exhibit “Aesthetic Experiments” online.  Use the links below to navigate to other sections of the exhibit. Navigation:           Previous                  Main Exhibit Page         … Read More

Recently sold October 2012

Just an update of Sold and On Hold originals.  If you had your heart set on one of these, contact me.  I may have something very similar that is not yet posted. Sold Paintings Heavenly View, 24 x 42  oil … Read More

Eureka and a little bit of Disco – Grails series

I’m currently working on a set of mixed media paintings about discovery in the Chemical and Materials Sciences.   I’m calling the series “grails”, and gilding the stars of each discovery.   There’s a bit of the mythical quest involved … Read More

I’m not a neuroscientist … (Neural Network)

I’m not a neuroscientist, but I’ve always been fascinated by things like expert systems, heuristics, and emergent properties in complex systems.  Occasionally I’ll paint something with a clear neuro theme because it’s the clearest and most concise approach to my … Read More

Coalescing Lines and Color in Boston’s South End

One of Boston’s best Bed and Breakfasts is also one of its newest Art Galleries.  14 Union Park bed and breakfast in Boston’s South End will be hosting rotating 3 month exhibits.  Each exhibit will feature work by a small … Read More

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