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Abstraction and Perspective: Contemporary Painter Lutz Baar

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This article continues my series on the illusion of Depth in painting, with a focus on contemporary artist Lutz Baar.

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The prior articles (more general) are Depth in painting, a short into; and The Road to Perspective (development of depth in my own abstracts). 

Abstraction and Perspective – Lutz Baar

There are a number of techniques that painters use to create the illusion of depth and dimension on a two dimensional surface.  Visual cues can be taken from parallax and the convergence of distant lines (perspective), atmospheric color and scattering, the apparent size (degrees of arc) of near versus far away objects, and dipping of large and distant objects below the horizon.

Perspective can be a very powerful means to organize a three dimensional space on a canvas.  Painter Lutz Baar’s work merges perspective with abstraction to create compelling paintings of built environments.

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In Lutz’s work, streets are abstracted into bands of texture and color, buildings become abstracted planes, and attention to perspective seamlessly melds abstraction with a sense of place.  The simplified abstract planes in his work shift the emphasis to his chunky meaty use of texture and brushwork.  While representation and the illusion of depth are present in his pieces, they also function as very strong compositions in an abstract sense.
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Lutz Baar is also a very strong abstract artist, with an abstract style that clearly informs his more representational work.

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In his range of styles, a curiosity and desire for constant advancement of his aesthetic is revealed. A strong sense of composition, confidence with color, and awareness of abstract elements pervade all of his pieces, series and expressions.

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