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Aesthetic Experiments Virtual Gallery

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Welcome to the Online doppleganger of my solo exhibit “Aesthetic experiments”.   If you live far away from Massachusetts or can’t or would rather not brave the near constant snow to head over to Byfield, enjoy the exhibit and supporting materials online.  Interested in seeing a piece up close and personal?  That can be arranged after the exhibit closes on March 7, 2014 (email me rv “at” nerdlypainter “dot” com).

This page, right here, contains navigation links for all of the sections in the exhibit, installation before and after slideshows, an overview of the pieces in the exhibit, an introduction to the types of aesthetic experiments featured, and an brief statement on why I conduct these experiments and what I hope to achieve (instead of just using a brush and painting “normally”)


Atrium           Music and Machinery           Science Subject Paintings         Optics Collages

Fluid Dynamics               Reinvented Landscapes                 Tree of Life

Diagrammatics – drawings inspired by science illustration

Presentation on Science art and images from my own career in the sciences     gallery map    links

This page:

Slideshow of installation in progress         slideshow of installed exhibit (opening party)

overview of works exhibited      overview of types of aesthetic experiment          statement-why and wherefore

Many of the apparently Abstract pieces in Aesthetic Experiments have sneaky Science subjects, or use visual patterns and motifs derived from Science and Technology imagery.  Other pieces in the exhibit feature novel and unusual uses to painting media, developed through systematic experimentation with artists materials.

In a number of pieces, elusive Science and Engineering phenomena are captured and exemplified through the exceedingly well-engineered properties of acrylic painting media.

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