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Beacon Hill Art Walk Recap

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The Beacon Hill Art Walk (BHAW) was Sunday (yesterday).  I’m unpacking and repacking for the next event.  The Art Walk is known for crazy weather.    Apparently the year before my first time at the Beacon Hill Art Walk there was a microburst the came in off the Charles River and wrought havok on the Walk (airborne tents, whitewater rapids in rain runoff on the terraces and in the gardens, etc.  Last year hovered in the high 40’s and low 50’s and we were pelted with tiny cold rain every hour or two.  The year before that was my first time as a seller, and it was gorgeous.   This year it was hot and muggy, but we had pleasant cool shade in the courtyard where I set up.  The courtyard walls block strong wind gusts and reduce them to pleasant breezes.  It is a bit of a climb, but a lot of people came through and it was a good show.

I brought some large pieces in the “reinvented” and “Soft” landscape series, a large number of ink drawings (in sealed plastic bags with foam core to keep them flat) and a bunch of ACEOs in little frames and little sleeves.

ACOEs and miniature work are a good fit for something like the BHAW because they solve a lot of the display space problems that Bostonians experience.  They’ll fit anywhere, they’re light and will hold on the wall even if the landlord is a die hard “do-it-yerselfer”, and they’re the sort of pieces that you look at close up and don’t interfere with other big things in the room.  So it’s not just the price, the size is also perfect for tiny , strangely shaped Bostonian apartments and condos with walls made of horsehair and plaster or cardboard, old brick, 18th century masonry, weathered hardwood, and all of the other creative materials city dwellers have used for the past 300 or so years.  Yay ACEOs and minis!

Sold at the Art Walk:

Breathe, Tree of Life 4

Breathe in Sunlight

Sea Slug Smooch

sea smooch fb


Eukaryotic              Bouquet           Cilia Celebration

eukaryotic bouquet art card cilia celebration

Small Gene Tree        Tiny Treeish Notions    Small tree Idea

little gene tree tiny treeish notions tree pattern

Curly Girl            Incompatible Technologies   Gone Fishing

curly girl incompatible technologies gone fishing art card

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