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BIG Perspective Themed Abstract Paintings

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Masking, hard lines, and the illusion of a Vanishing Point all combine to create a feeling of space and perspective in these new large format abstracts.

Featured: Intersections of Perspective and Perception, acrylic and mixed media on 1.5 inch deep canvas, 42 x 66 inches.  Original is availablePrints are availableContact Turning Art for Corporate leasing of this original painting. 


I have several new large format abstract paintings that use perspective and other techniques to create the illusion of depth, volume and space.  These techniques and ideas are adapted from very traditional landscape painting.  In the context of abstract geometric art, each technique can be distilled down to its essence in terms of shaping, color, and gradient.  These distilled ideas can then be used to create active, colliding and completely unrealistic spaces in the field of the canvas.  Even though there are no realistic scenes and objects depicted, the illusions of depth, lighting and of intersecting angled planes persist.  Three large format paintings with strong and clear examples of landscape painting techniques used to create abstracted depth are shown in the gallery below.  “Intersections of Perspective and Perception” is perhaps the simplest and clearest, with several sets of parallel and converging lines creating angled planes and vanishing points.  In “Excursions of Vision” the planes are more complex and fractured, spiraling into the background.  “The Evolution of Perspective” is perhaps the most complex of the three, combining convergent bands with chiaroscuro and other color cues that create volume within the dancing planes.

Evolution of Perspective:                                 original,                 print,                corporate leasing

Intersections of Perspective and Perception:   original,                print,                corporate leasing

Excursions of Vision:                                        original,                print,                corporate leasing


Different artists approach space and volume in abstract and representational work, each in unique ways and combinations.  If you are interested in discovering several Contemporary artists with different approaches to space, representation, and abstraction, please have a look at my article here:

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Print on Demand prints of these works can be purchased through Fine Art America

Prints and Large originals are available for leasing through Turning Art.  You can sign up with them here, and find my profile here.  For Corporate art leasing and consulting contact Abby about originals and Mari about print selection and leasing.

Evolution of Perspective; Original Acrylic painting

Excursions of Vision; original acrylic painting

Intersections of Perspective and Perception