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Boston area exhibit opening Saturday

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Press release follows below.  For more images and updates, please go to the exhibit information page here.

Geometry Drives the Winter Exhibit at the Old Schwamb Mill

November 27, Arlington MA

The Old Schwamb Mill in Arlington MA (www.oldschwambmill.org) has been part of the area’s Industrial and cultural history for over 100 years, often acting as an incubator for Artists and Artisans in the Boston area. Exhibits of Contemporary Art continue this tradition. The Winter show features work by four up and coming artists from around the Boston area: Regina Valluzzi (Arlington, MA), John Maciejowski (Melrose, MA), Emily Garfield (Somerville MA), and Ann Salk Rosenberg (Newton, MA). The exhibit brings together several artistic styles and subjects, united by a common thread of abstraction and strong geometric ideas.

Regina Valluzzi’s art is driven by ideas and imagery from her years as an active scientific researcher. Science percolates through her art. For example, a pair of paintings called “Contour” and “Green Function” playfully refer to the complex shapes and interactions of polymer molecules and to the mathematical structures used to understand them. Dr. Valluzzi received BS’s in Materials Science and Humanities (MIT) and a PhD in Polymer Science from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Her website The Nerdly Painter, features articles on the science of paint and artist updates.

green function

Emily Garfield creates imaginary cartographies. She invents each place as she draws, considering clustering of neighborhoods, patterns of roads and the individual selective memory that an inhabitant would use to navigate their city. The physical materials also influence each work; the topography of watercolor paper, the force of gravity on ink, or the tensile limitations of paper all structure my drawings in the same way that a landscape influences urban growth. She is a Visual Arts graduate of Brown University (Providence RI) and studied in Nagoya, Japan at Nanzan University. Emily Garfield’s website has more information on her process and work (http://www.emilygarfield.com/).

Museum School (School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston) graduate John Maciejowski is a long time resident of Melrose Massachusetts. A francophile with a deep background in Art history, antiques, and design he brings a worldy sophistication to his abstract paintings and prints. His work is a juxtaposition of elegance and experiment. His featured piece in the exhibit, “Torn and Sewn” continues the ideas of innovation and industry that permeate the exhibit. In “Torn and Sewn”, he reconstructs a work on paper by tearing it to bits and then rearranging the pieces, connected with slender threads. John Maciejowski’s website (http://www.johnmaciejowskifineart.com)

Newton Artist Ann Salk Rosenberg’s paintings are large, bold narratives. She use vibrant colors, geometric shapes and a touch of humor to reflect a joyous spirit, celebrate creativity and inhale the glorious fullness of life. Her abstracted creations are complex and contain an almost musical pattern of shapes and forms. Her website

(http://www.rosenbergartstudio.us/) details her creative process.

The exhibit will be on display from December 1, 2012 through March 15, 2013. Opening reception Saturday, December 1, 2:30-4:30 PM; closing reception Saturday, March 16, 3:30 – 5:00 PM; mapmaking demonstration with Emily Garfield Saturday February 9 at 2:30 PM.

For the event listing see our Zvent link here:


For more information on the exhibit please contact

Regina Valluzzi, Artist




For general information about the Old Schwamb Mill and ongoing programmed activities contact

Ed Gordon

Director of Museum Programs

617-872-9001 or 781-643-0554


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  2. Joan Applebaum

    Interesting show. Wish I lived in the area, but will pass this on to family in the Boston area.

    • nerdlypainter

      Thanks Joan. I’m going to try to link in photos from the exhibit and the artists’ work images – just need to see the final group of works first. So even if you’re not in Boston, i hope to have an online version for you to enjoy in the next week or two.