Tree of Life 2-6 in progress update

I’ve been working on a series about branched interactions and tree symbols.  The working title for the series is “Tree of Life“.  The title has  a dual meaning.  Life, the relatedness between organisms in an ecosystem, the shared heredity of … Read More

Oceanic WIP and final

I started working on “Oceanic” as a commission, along with a second canvas as a contingency.  It can be difficult to specify commissioned work since I don’t paint pictures of things and my work involves directed random elements.  The directed … Read More

Tree of Life 2 – In progress and finished

As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, I’ve been working on a “Tree of Life” themed series of mixed media paintings.  For me,  the “Tree of Life” idea and its visual motifs are a subset of “Ecological Order“.  The series includes … Read More

More progress … in tulle?

In an earlier post I’d shown some of the first stages of two new paintings.  One was on tropocollagen, the other on the quantum mechanics of hydrogen.  I have some more progress on the “hydrogen” painting and a new start … Read More

Tree of Life – for all the DNA obsessed people

I’ve been working on a highly textured sort of “over the top” tree of life painting.  It contains a lot of little details meant to evoke modern ideas about evolution and the origins of life.  It also includes soft double … Read More

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