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Insight and Allusion – works on exhibit, online version

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Regina Valluzzi

Insight and Allusion

  Works on exhibit


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Athan’s European Bakery & Café’ – Brighton; April 12 – June 3, 2012,

Stop by on April 29 at 5Pm to discuss the work on exhibit with the artist.  The reception follows at 6 PM.

As you enter Athan’s,  Tabula Rasa and Twirl will be to your left.  The order of the images listed is clockwise as you follow the exhibit from the entrance.  Vertical growth is out of order and listed at the end.

1.   Tabula Rasa, 18 x 24                                2.  Twirl, 36 x 36

Tabula rasa, Acrylic with glass lenses and sand on canvas             

3. Dreams of Awakened Souls                          4.  Out of Balance
24 x 48 in     Sold                                                            24 x 48 in

         Out of balance

5.  Thermal                    6. Growth                    7.   Associations           8.  Dichotomy
Denaturation                     Pattern
18 x 18                                     16 x 16                        12 x 16                            16×16

associations dichotomy

9.  IPN                            10.     Listen                       11. Schlieren Chiarascuro
      16 x 16                                12 x 12                              12 x 12

IPN - interpenetrating network,  oil on linen 16 x 16

12.   Green Function                       13.    Nonlinear                14. Ion Channel
       12 x 12                                                   12 x 12                           12 x 12

Nonlinear ion channel

15.  Dance of the Gauge Bosons in Vacuum, 36 x 48 in

dance gauge bosons
16.  Music of the Spheres , 30 x 30            17.  Symmetry breaking, 30 x 30
 music of the spheres Symmetry Breaking


18.  Emergent Order                             19. Keystone                    20.  Beat of the Suburbs
    24 x 36 in                                                  24 x 24 in                            24 x 36 in
Keystonebeat of the suburbs2
21.  Atlantis Sinking                   22. Like Clockwork             23.  Vacuum Energy
   18 x 24                                              36 x 24                                     20 x 24
24.  Lost papers                                                                         25.  Nuclear Fusion
     24 x 36                                                                                         16 x 12
26.  Rite of Spring                                                                      27.  Subtle Machinery
   18 x 24                                                                                                     18 x 24
28.  Elastic Dialog                                                                      29.  Song of Solar Fusion
    20 x 24                                                                                              18 x 24 SOLD
                            30.  Horn Solo
                               36 x 42
                       31.  Nano Nightmusic                     32. Vertical Growth
                                   24 x 36                                          12 x 30  SOLD
33.  Neural Network (replaces tabula rasa)
    24 x 24
Neural network in neutral light
Neural network contains lenses and reflective elements that react to different light.  Click here for more views.

To arrange a purchase, call 781-643-1368 or email rvalluzzi@comcast.net.  Cash and checks are accepted, and I can set up Paypal (or credit card purchases through PayPal) for smaller works.   Flexible monthly payment plans are available for large works.

For giclees of work in the exhibit please see the “Insight and Allusion” gallery on my POD site.  if you don’t see a painting listed, it is because I don’t have a high quality image file for giclees.  Thank you.

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Send an email inquiry</a>

4 Responses

  1. nonoymanga

    A very fine collection of arts. thinks for sharing Nonoy Manga

  2. nerdlypainter

    Reblogged this on Abstract Artist Group of New England (and Experimental) and commented:

    The preview for my exhibit at Athan’s is updated with more complete information. Final image list is up with pricing, purchasing information and images ordered to match the layout of the exhibit.

  3. Rachel Ann Klein

    These are phenomenal. I like all of them, love a few – on number of levels. Why is it always the most expensive ones I desire the most? I have an old work of yours…and coveted another painting you did a long, long time ago. I feel blessed to have seen some of your early work and now, well, All I can say is “Wow!” I’ve never seen music portrayed in art, as in “Horn Solo.” This is very unique and powerful work. I’m going to take another look to see if I can find something that is with my price range, but if I had an extra few grand, I’d have at least one of these in my collection.

    • nerdlypainter

      Hi Rachel, I’m glad you’re enjoying the exhibit online.
      Most of my friends in apartments seem to gravitate towards my very large paintings.

      I think thisbe due to the way they look online and in photos (and the big ones are where I focus my professional photography budget). If you get the chance, try to view some of the smaller ones in person or at least in a zoomed view. I think little pieces like Green Functions and Associations are among my best work.

      And they are easy to carry.