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Interview in “Art the Science”

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I have some News to share.  I recently did an interview with Art the Science that has now been published online along with samples of my abstract work.  You can read the interview here, and find out more about Art the Science here.  Their objective is nothing less than a complete cataloging of creative work and creativity in Science and Art.


Art the Science is a very professionally put together blog/online magazine.  They focus on creatives and creations that involve Art and Science crosscurrents.  To keep everything organized and easy to navigate, they sort their articles into one of four modalities:  Creators, Works, Spaces, and Bits.  They accept submissions.


Spring on Jupiter and Mars
Spring on Jupiter and Mars


For Creators, they have a short list of interview questions that are well targeted for artists with a foot in the Sciences.  This is the first interview I’ve done where the magazine and interviewer (Julia Krolik) recognize that there are many Sciences, asking for specific influences.  Scientists who have worked in the Sciences and have collaborated across disciplines  may recognize disciplinary differences and contrasts.


These contrasts are not simply matters of technique and approach, they extend to tacit knowledge, core axioms, researcher behaviors, and even lab and office decor.  The contrasts between Scientific disciplines constitute a variety of fairly defined subcultures within the umbrella of Science culture.  The Art the Science  blog people have grasped this idea of Scientific culture and subculture and articulated it through a variety of Science – Art creatives’ interviews. Given that their business is matching Art to Scientific Meetings, their grasp of nuances within the Science community is very appropriate.


I always find the interview process fascinating.  Each interviewer has their own unique set of questions that reveals a bit about the interviewer’s outlook on Art, Science, their impacts, and the world.  Questions reveal how people weigh what they consider or expect will be important.


In the case of interviews about my Art and Art practice,  interviewers give me little windows into how the rest of the world approaches Art.  How do people try to apprehend and understand my work? Am I pithy in my art? concise? subtle? comprehensible?  Or perhaps some pieces and aspects of my work are obtuse, fading off into inchoate chaos?  Inquiring minds want to know.


At the same time, each structured interview style-interaction pokes my own mind and memory a bit.  Answering each of the questions reminds me of various aspects of my own process and practice.  Sometimes the questions reveal long-forgotten and subsumed insights, allowing me to turn these ideas around and see them as new things.  Other times they clarify and solidify ideas that have been knocking around in my head.


Have a look at their blog.  See what you think of my interview and of some of the other creative work showcased.  And let me know what you think below, in the comments.


For more of my interview online please see the Press Clippings page.  For my interview of other artists, search the tag “interviews”.  If you are an artist or scientist doing something at the crossroads of ideas, or just freaking original, email me and we can do an interview!