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Acrylic on canvas with retroreflective glass “bubbles”;  24h x 30w  inches.

Artist Notes:

 The color of the bands and the patterns formed by swirls of diffusing and mixed paint into media remind me of the colors and weather patterns and bands of Jupiter and on gas giants, real, imagined and only guessed at..


Alien Weather is one of several abstract paintings based on controlling the flow and poured patterns of transparent media, pigments and paint of varying consistency. Acrylic allows me to capture all of subtle smoke-like and threaded patterns that occur when fluids of different viscosities are mixed.

Many of my pieces incorporate little experiments in vision and visual psychology. I’ve noticed that the dense threads of paint inside clear layers of media (or less dense paint layers) creates interesting 3-D illusions from some angles. The dimensionality appears heightened and often different from the actual surface. I believe this effect is related to differences in refractive index between acrylic (low) and paint pigment (generally very high). While refractive index is not part of any schema describing color or color perception, it is a quality that we perceive as “hardness” or “shine” and it effects the way the light moves across a surface. In a photo it’s invisible, but in real life, the subtle motions of viewer and light create an almost tangible effect.

Alien Weather has been Featured in Art the Science blog/magazine,  Oddball ezine



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