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Pigmented ink – Sakura and Copic felt tip fineline pens and Winsor Newton and Faber Castell pigmented Art markers with metallic india inks on Strathmore 500 Series acid free mixed media paper, 6×8 inches



A small drawing using pigmented ink markers and pigmented ink fine line felt tip pens. Pigmented ink is more light-fast and archival than dye-based inks – more like paint. Drafting tools were used to create very clean lines and regular shapes. Details were added free hand using black ink and fluid gold paint.

The title is a bit of a pun. The piece brings to mind some early constructions to explain astronomy, but perhaps the ones that didn’t work out. A misunderstanding of astronomy, a misunderstanding of astronomical proportions and round and round in rolling circles and leaking gears we go.




An Astronomical Misunderstanding – Original ink Drawing


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