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oil on linen 12 × 16 inches


The oil painting “Associations”  is based on a loose lattice of dilute oil paint guided to flow in intersecting grid-like channels over a softly shaded underpainting.  Flat color fills in some of the rough squares formed by the dripping lines of paint, emphasizing the crisscrossed checkered pattern from the fluid flow. Fine line dark shapes playfully travel and span the lattice lines and grid squares.  Their shapes outline the lines formed by fluid flow in some places and reflect and evoke the patterns of the paint in others.

To me associations suggests the electrostatic association of particles in a fluid and the guided association of chemical objects on a surface using wetting and capillarity.  In particular I think of lattice models and lattice animals formed through non-covalent associations.

A very long time ago, these types of associated structures were classed with covalently bonded macromolecules, before Chemical insights developed that distinguished the differences between the two phenomena.  In some areas of Biology “polymer” is still used to describe associated linear and other clusters of particles or nanostructures.

I believe someone else may see different types of associations here – communities of …?


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