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Biosensor, 8×10 inches, pigmented ink on acid free paper (Winsor and Newton Pigmented Art Markers and Sakura Micron Pigma ultrafine felt tip pens – archival inks)


Artist Notes

Windsor and Newton Pigment ink markers, Sakura Pigma Micron pigmented ink felt tip fine line pens and Sakura metallic fine line pens on acid free drawing paper. All materials are archival.

Biosensor is a playful depiction of biosensors and biosensing across multiple length scales. The background shapes were done in muted tones using Windsor and Newton pigment ink markers. These shapes allude to circuitry, conduits, signal amplifiers and other elements of a biosensor in a very abstract and fanciful manner. Fine line details using pigmented ink create molecules and molecule interactions. Fine line patterns allude to light waves from fluorescent signals, which are common approaches to biosensing. Other patterns suggest the transduction of light waves into electrical pulses and signals.

One area where there is significant artistic license is in the length scales and sizes of objects depicted. Molecules and the details of molecules are roughly ten thousand to one hundred thousand times smaller than the electronic and sensing interfaces used to connect them to a biosensor. The light wavelengths used are orders of magnitude larger than a molecule and orders of magnitude smaller than a printed circuit.

Another area where there is considerable artistic license is in the depiction of molecules. In some cases these are atomistic artistic renderings, in other cases a shorthand diagramming for polypeptides was used, along with hybrid representations.

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