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Oil on linen, 12 × 12 original painting.


I had wanted to do a second piece like either Coil to Globule or Green Functions. Visually Contour borrows from both earlier paintings, but thematically it strikes a very Polymer Science note.  The contour in Polymer Science is the long linked chemical or molecular backbone of the polymer molecule.  A Polymer is a molecule (or in Biology an aggregate) made by linking up many smaller units to create a long molecular chain. In melts and solutions of polymers, these long molecular chains are typically curled up like tangled shoelaces or overcooked spaghetti, and is typically wiggling around and constantly changing its exact shape.  One way to describe their properties is by comparing the overall length or contour length of the straight chain to various measures of the space taken up and explored by the crumpled up coiled or globular chain.




Contour original oil painting

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