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D- Branes: 14 h x 11 w,  hand drawn ink on paper


d branesJuror’s Choice 2011 Attleboro Art Museum member’s show; Exhibited at the 2013 Joint Mathematics meeting Art Exhibit (an international juried math-art show run by the Bridges Organization), Exhibited at “Aesthetic Experiments”


Archival pigment Ink and and art marker on acid free drawing paper. The marker drawing was started on the reverse side of the paper in neutral colors, and layers so the ink would bleed through. Line drawings were created on the “bleed through” side to complement the soft shapes and textures of the marker “branes”. Bold details were added in bright flat colors using marker on the front side of the drawing.

D-branes are mathematical structures used in String Theory.   They were among the first Branes postulated and they’re like membranes in a way. Whereas membranes are 2 dimensional objects in 3 dimensional space, branes are n-dimensional objects in n+x dimensional space. Branes such as D-branes are places where string theory strings can park their ends. As such, the branes “organize” the strings in the theory and help create more complicated structures

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