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Sold original. hand drawn ink on paper, 11 x 14 inches        Purchase a giclee

enantiomeric Excess


Ink and marker on acid free drawing paper, 11×14 inches

Enantiomeric excess is a concept from chemistry. Enantiomers refer specifically to a type of isomerism where the two molecules are identical in every way, except that they’re mirror images of one another. The ability to possess a mirror image is a property called “chirality”. The 3-dimensional shape of your hand is chiral. Your left and right hands are, in a sense, enantiomers of one another. Enantiomeric excess sets up the idea of chirality using a spiral, which is a chiral object in 2-dimensions. Very fine line details in black ink also represent chiral objects, but in both handedness or both enantiomers. There is a preponderance of one type of enantiomer. If you know a chemist, a biochemist, or someone who works in pharmaceuticals, :“Enantiomeric Excess”, the drawing, can function as a talking point as well as art. In chiral separations, synthesis, and analysis, a chiral environment (the marker spiral) is used to sense and sort chiral molecular objects (the black ink drawings) to create a large excess of one enantiomer.

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Enantiomeric Excess