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This original drawing has been sold.  Prints are still available – follow the links below the description

Archival art markers (Prismacolor and Winsor & Newton pigment markers) and pigmented felt tip pens (Sakura Micron Pigma and Derwent linemaker ultrafine felt tip pens) with metallic paint on acid free Strathmore Series 400 drawing paper.



When you have to understand a situation where there are a lot of particles or molecules or atoms all interacting and exerting force and influence on one another all of the individual interactions can become intractable. One way to address this problem is through simulation. Another is by selecting one particle or molecule to follow and averaging out all of the forces and interactions from all of the others into a field.

This is an artists depiction of that process, with some license taken of course. There are several sources of force and interaction, with emanating circles of influence starting to form averaged or mean conditions – a field. There are also numerous particles being acted on and in this case corralled along a path of motion ion that field. Variations in the particles and the breadth of the path suggest the statistical and not completely deterministic nature of that motion and of the field action.





The original drawing has been sold.  Please see the links below for print options, or browse similar work.


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