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Pigmented ink – Sakura micron felt tip fineline pen on acid free strathmore drawing paper. 8 x 10 inches

Dendrimers are branched polymers that start from multifunctional monomers. Depending on the number of branches, the molecule stiffness and the length between branches, they can form structures with a dense outer surface and a fairly hollow core. This property is useful in creating complex nanoparticles. For example gold or silver or a fluorescent nanocrystal can be grown in the hollow core of the dendrimers. The outside of the dendrimer can keep the nanoparticles in the cores separated and also provides chemical properties – for example a water soluble dendrimer can be used to make stable gold nanoparticles in aqueous solution. Metal nanoparticles, if small enough, can lack the electronic levels and density of states to be truly metallic (not enough electrons to make a conduction band). These small particles are often semiconducting, with brilliant band gap colors that depend on the size and crystalline perfection of the embedded nanoparticles.




Filled Dendrimers, original ink drawing



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Detail areas



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