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2014,  acrylic on canvas, 24 w x 30 h inches on 0.75 inch supports

Notes:  Firmament was an experiment with different types of textured media and three dimensional paint extrusion as wet and dry barriers to fluid paint.  Different types of fluid acrylic media and pouring techniques were used in combination with heavier media and three dimensional knifed textures and extruded shapes.  After pouring the painting was tilted to allow the patterned fluid pours to lap over the raised patterns and structures.  A generous use of glass-clear untinted media creates deep agate like effects and the appearance of paint locked in ice.  The color scheme, frozen layers, and the nature of the fluid patterns all suggest the atmosphere and it’s transient states and fluid dynamics.  “Firmament” evokes the hidden complexities of the deep smooth sky.



Original 24×30 inch mixed media and acrylic painting

Firmament, 30 x 24 in. acrylic with various dry texturizing media, shellac ink on canvas













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