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8×10 inches, Hand drawn ink on acid free paper.



8×10 inches, Hand drawn ink on acid free paper.

The soft colors were created by pushing the ink through the paper from the back side of the drawing. Once the colored areas were complete, the drawing was flipped over and fine line black and sepia details were added.

Tortuosity is a general term describing path curvature and how often a path changes direction and doubles back. A handy way to think about it is in terms of a random walk taken by a highly inebriated person. A lot of cocktails and small steps creates a highly tortuous path. reduce the number of cocktails or increase the step size and the person’s path becomes less tortuous.

Tortuosity is quantified and used in areas like Polymer Physics and Gel diffusion. In Polymer Physics a long floppy molecule forms a random coil – a structure l;ike tangled shoelaces or boiled spaghetti.

Al dente spaghetti coils into less tight, complex, and tortuous shapes than slightly overcooked spaghetti. Sneaker shoelaces can form tighter more complex coils than the stiffer laces used on hiking boots.

Some polymers also form complex extremely flexible random coils or more extended coils which require more length to double back. The tortuosity of the coil affects some of the terms in the entropy of the polymer, which affects everything from melting to mixing to mechanical behavior.

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