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Acrylic with glass lenses on canvas.  30 x 30 inches.


Information Network conveys a loose network of bold trunks that order a chaotic background.  The structure of the painting acts as a visual metaphor for information networks and their emergent properties.  Glimmering retroreflective spheres light up in sequence as the viewer moves past the painting.  As the spheres glimmer in and out of their retroreflective condition, the viewer may imagine data packets moving about.  The ideas of data and data flow are suggested in the ordered progression of retroreflective dots along the broad and well-organized trunks.  The sparkling pheres also cluster and appear stuck in more chaotic areas of the painting, suggesting the snarling complexity of some of our modern software and data transmission structures.


Compare the “neutral” lighting condition above with some snapshots at different lighting angles, below.    Different angles with the studio lights bring different lens effects into play.

Information Network photographed using a flash, below.  This brings all of the retroreflective lenses into play simultaneously

Under spot lighting some of the lenses are in the retroreflective condition.  They flick “on” and “off” depending on the location of the viewer (with respect to the light source)



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“Information Network” was exhibited at the Abstract Artists Group Annual Show, 2012 at the Newburyport Art Association, Newburyport, MA