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Pigmented ink – ultrafine line felt tip pen and archival art marker on acid free drawing paper (medium weight). 18 in h x 24 in w


Intersecting Orbits is a large ink drawing (for me). It is also very detailed. I’ve been finding my way forward with larger drawings that combine washes of ink and well-defined shapes using art marker (pigmented and archival alcohol dye-based markers) and then setting up a counterpoint using tiny finely detailed linework with ultrafine felt tip pens (also pigmented inks – archival). This one reminds me of some of the crazy patters you can get with diffraction in an electron microscope – especially with hard matter and highly crystalline samples. Inelastic effects and secondary scattering/diffraction create intricate patterns. Not exactly like this, but reminiscent. Unfortunately I studied Soft Matter, and the wonderful patterns always signaled contamination. Ahh well.



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Intersecting Orbits

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