Detail area from "Logic" original acrylic and mixed media painting
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acrylic with mosaic glass and surplus technical optics on sealed artists’ hardwood painting panel    18 x 24 inches




Logic is a mixed media painting, incorporating surplus scientific and military lenses glass flats and mosaic tiles. Use of a wood painting panel provides a rigid stable support for several layers of lenses. The overall appearance resembles a logical diagram, like Beysian statistics gone mad perhaps or an alien circuit. In the original, the lenses are spaced above the base layer of the painting using glass flats.  Because of the added 3D distance, the optical effects really contribute to the overall look and experience of the piece. The lenses allow the painting to subtly change when viewed from different angles.


Logic uses glass lenses and plate, ceramic mosaic tile, and acrylic extrusion in an abstract pattern inspired by circuitry and logic diagrams. The mixed media allow the lines to wind over and under each other in a three dimensional pattern. Glass plate brings lenses off the surface, enhancing their magnification, demagnification and light manipulating properties. It’s fun to peer through the lenses at different parts of the piece.



18×24 inch mixed media painting on wood panel

Logic original painting

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