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Acrylic on canvas, 24 hx24 w inches;  1.5 inch wooden stretcher support bars, painted sides.     High resolution Giclees are available.  Click here to go to FAA and order a print.


In Neural Network, layers of translucent paint, marbelizing and flow pattern effects and lenses, mirrors and glass spheres were used to portray a complex biological network.  The sparkling mirrors rhinestones and lenses hint at light and electricity, suggesting that the neural network can process bits and bytes of information.  The dots are actually little spherical lenses that retroreflect (see retroreflective image below).  Retroreflection occurs at very narrow angles of acceptance, which creates the effect of lit dots winking in and out in sequence.  The sequence of “lit” lenses suggests data and information transmission as the viewer interacts with the painting.  The layers and soft threading and mixing effects in the paint reflect the layered soft matter structure of many biological tissues, and provides  a “biological” feel within the neural network.  The shapes of neurons are suggested in the painted, poured, and extruded layers of color.

Under the retroreflective condition for the spherical lenses, “Neural network” light up and becomes almost a different painting.  There are no lights incorporated, only lenses that manipulate the room light.  The lenses are in different conditions as the light in the room changes or as a viewer moves near the painting. The overall effect is of lines and regions of light flickering in and out and moving in the piece.

Different lens shapes pick up the light strongly at different conditions and create light patterns within the painting. And it was an excuse to buy a great big box of surplus optics goodies.


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